Nortek Air Solutions Sound Lab

At Temtrol, we have a long tradition of utilizing cutting edge technology to test, verify, and improve the performance of our equipment. As one of the first HVAC manufacturers to recognize the emerging emphasis on acoustical performance, Temtrol began conducting sound pressure and sound intensity testing as early as 1989. We have been leading the pack in the arenas of acoustical performance and verification ever since.

Cabinet Vibration Study GraphIn 1994, Temtrol demonstrated its commitment to ingenuity and forward thinking through a sizable investment in a full-service, acoustical and aerodynamic testing laboratory. This AMCA accredited facility is one of the largest dual reverberant chamber testing sites with airflow measurement capabilities in the world. It can accommodate production and R&D test scopes ranging from 500 to over 65,000 CFM.

Over the last two decades, Nortek Air Solutions Sound Lab personnel have garnered the highest reputation from customers and acoustical consultants across the country and have become recognized as a leading authority on sound in the HVAC industry. The lab provides a wide range of unique services to our customers and venders including acoustical modeling, witnessed production testing, and robust performance and diagnostic analysis. The lab is also the site of rigorous, ongoing R&D test work designed to continually enhance and improve the entire Nortek Air Solutions product line.

The following list highlights some of the specific advantages that the Nortek Air Solutions Sound Lab affords our customers for critical performance applications: 

  • World class controlled laboratory testing environment
  • Reliable accuracy and repeatability verified over decades of R&D and production testing
  • AMCA accredited acoustical testing in accordance with AMCA Standard 300
  • Reverberation and Intensity testing capabilities
  • Dual reverberation rooms with simultaneous measurement of sound, airflow, power, temperature, and room conditions
  • 2,325 cubic meter inlet reverberation room accommodates equipment up to 65’ long, 18’ wide, 17’ tall
  • 735 cubic meter outlet reverberation room accommodates fan and component testing
  • AMCA 210 style airflow testing capability
  • Complete assortment of VFDs to operate loads from motors of fractional sizes up to 100 HP
  • Climate control capability (120 ton chiller, low pressure steam boiler, water loop for water-cooled condenser applications)
  • State of the art measurement and data acquisition equipment calibrated to nationally recognized standards
  • Acoustical modeling techniques based on recognized standards and proprietary algorithms refined by nearly 20 years of verification testing
  • Lab personnel offers nearly 100 years of combined HVAC and acoustical design, modeling, and testing expertise

Sound Lab

3-D Air Handling Unit

FFT Autospectrum Input Report

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AMCA Accredited Laboratory

Product performance data based on tests in an AMCA Accredited Laboratory are not to be construed as being licensed to bear the AMCA Seal.