Custom Air Handlers

Our focus is on finding a solution that works for you and to ensure you are satisfied, not only with the performance of our product, but with the working relationship. Temtrol is dedicated to understanding your requirements, proposing innovative solutions, delivering them on spec, on time and on budget. It is what sets us apart from the out-of-the box suppliers.

The list of technologies available to you in a Temtrol custom air handling unit is long, some of which are found under Custom Product Features. Our local factory trained Representative can sit with you to design the best solution for your application. That is the advantage of working with a custom manufacturer—performance without compromise. Whether the need is for a 1,000 cfm, 8" TSP, compact air handler for a low-height office ceiling installation or a 95,000 cfm, 12" TSP, custom air handler for a hospital critical care wing, Temtrol has the knowledge, experience, and capabilities, to meet your needs.

Since the introduction of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, more and more customers are taking advantage of its added reliability in ensuring uptime and its savings in areas like footprint, energy, acoustics, and maintenance. Be sure to consider it for your next application.

CAD Drawings

Hoisting L11-13 AHU's 020 Size


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