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Temtrol offers FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® for air handlers, heat recovery units, and retrofit applications. FANWALL TECHNOLOGY is arguably one of the few true innovations in the air handling equipment industry over the past few decades. Based on using a modular array of smaller fans versus one or two large fans, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY allows for major improvements in footprint, reliability, energy efficiency, sound attenuation, operating costs, and is also ideal for retrofit applications. The patented Coplanar Silencer® provides a substantial reduction in fan sound power levels without adding the length and static pressure penalty associated with attenuation devices.

FANWALL TECHNOLOGY is modular by design and uses multiple, small diameter, high-efficiency airfoil plenum fans and low horsepower motors. For fan retrofit applications, this can completely eliminate the need for building structural modifications and large rigging and handling equipment. Individual FANWALL® cubes conveniently fit through standard doorways, roof hatches, tight hallway accesses and elevators.  By increasing system efficiency and reducing energy usage, a FANWALL retrofit can significantly reduce your total cost of ownership and return your investment within the first few years of operation.

Key advantages to keep in mind when considering FANWALL TECHNOLOGY include:

  • Smaller footprint can reduce air handler length by 30% to 70% versus conventional fan systems
  • Tremendous fan, motor and configuration flexibility to closely match airway tunnel dimensions, cfm and brake horsepower requirements with an optimized system
  • Low frequency sound reduction and careful attention to vibration can eliminate the need for sound attenuation devices and concrete inertia pads
  • Redundancy and reliability can eliminate critical path failures and downtime
  • Smaller fans and motors are more lightweight, easier to access and can avoid the need for a mechanical lift if a replacement is required
  • Eliminates belt, sheave and bearing maintenance to reduce life cycle costs. Full range optimum motor efficiency reduces operating expenses
  • Uniform velocity profile greatly enhances airway tunnel component performance, and dramatically increases system efficiency

Base and Frame Construction

Temtrol pioneered the mechanical “welded frame” concept in the early 70’s. Today, our high speed automated roll forming equipment produces base and frame components used in the construction of our (ITF) Integrated Frame Series units. The unitized mechanical frame system provides a rigid platform to attach panels, access doors, dampers, and unit components. Unit base rails feature fully welded structural tubular steel, phenolic coated for long term corrosion protection.

Cabinet Construction

Temtrol cabinet construction features “true thermal break” performance and a variety of material options including galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and wall thicknesses of 2", 3", and 4" in any section of the unit. Exterior coatings consist of an alkyd enamel finish applied to a baked on epoxy subsurface with zinc protective coating. Temtrol also offers state of the art acoustical treatments such as perforated metals, acoustical coatings, sound coat, and limp mass barriers.


Our exclusive cabinet construction allows us to offer multiple insulation combinations with your choice of foam injection, dual density fiberglass or both in any individual panel in any section of the unit. Options for “no exposed insulation” applications include BGF 7628/252L cloth or Tedlar® to prevent erosion of fibers into the airstream.

Floor Construction

Double bottom floor construction is standard on every Temtrol unit. Material options include galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum tread plate. Structural c-channels are welded to the perimeter base rail and sandwiched between the floor and subfloor. Spray in place foam completely seals and insulates the minimum 4 inch deep floor cavity. Thermal brake design coupled with foam insulation guarantee an airtight, watertight seal. Heavy gauge floor material, spray in place foam, and a completely welded base rail system eliminates oil canning and provides a stable and secure platform.


Temtrol doors are constructed of thermal break, extruded frames, and feature fully adjustable handles and closures, as well as fully adjustable, stainless steel hinges. All doors are dual gasketed with an internal primary seal and secondary knife edge seal. Additional options include door hold backs/keepers, door locks (tool or key), door kill/safety switches, and high-quality, safety glass viewing windows.

Components (Fans, Coils, Dampers) Single-Source Responsibility

We know that using quality components results in a better end product. We build all of the major components that go into our equipment—so you are assured that the components that make up your air handler are functional and reliable, and can be delivered on time. Each unit carries an ETL listed mark which is proof of the product compliance (electrical, gas, and other safety standards) to North American safety standards. Add to that, Temtrol takes single-source warranty responsibility for the units and its components to provide you peace of mind. Other manufacturers may cut corners by buying components, and relying on OEM warranties to deal with problems. Without this single-source quality commitment, a company isn’t truly a custom manufacturer.

At Temtrol, made in America means manufactured in America.

IBC Compliant

Temtrol's WF and ITF mechanical frame construction has been analyzed under rigorous shaker table testing and has been certified under the IBC certification for seismic design according to the International Building Code (IBC-2009) and the seismic design standards set fort in ASCE/SEI 7-05.

OSHPD Pre-Approval For Special Seismic Design

Temtrol's ITF construction has been pre-approved California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development – OSP-0079-10.  Also approved major unit components include plenum fans, housed fans, internal fan isolation bases, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY, coils (CW, HW, Steam), dampers, filters, louvers, sound attenuators, air blenders, air-to-air exchangers, humidifier grids, motor disconnect, electrical starter panel, electrical control panel, VFD’s, motor overload, panel, UV lights, indirect gas heaters, FANWALL backdraft dampers, DX cooing, condenser fans, and scroll compressors. The pre-approval covers ITF construction up to 12 feet high by 60 feet wide, with side and center vestibules, and 75 feet long.

Miami–Dade County NOA

Temtrol's ITF and WF series air handling units are designed to comply with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code—Miami–Dade NOA approved for Category 4 hurricane, winds between 131 mph and 155 mph, and on the average would usually be expected to cause 100 times the amount of damage of a Category 1 storm.

(ITF) NOA# 14-0311.09
(WF) NOA# 14-0828.03
Expires: 04/15/2019
Expires: 10/10/2015


Temtrol offers everything from non-wired motors, to full power single point wiring. Options include FANWALL arrays with VFD operations, various airflow measurement systems, ultraviolet lighting for air cleansing and germicidal control, vapor proof service lights, GFI duplex convenience outlets, and smoke detectors.

Temtrol units bear the ETL label. Electrical features are engineered to the requirements of NEC 2008 and UL 1995. All control panels shall meet indoor and/or outdoor unit requirements.

Unit Frame Only


Copper Cl



Isolation Base 2009 OSHPD