Qx Air Handlers

500 to 24,000 cfm
indoor and outdoor applications

The Temtrol brand Qx air handler is ideal for applications with low CFM requirements and mid to high static pressures (leakage rates are less than 1% at 8 W.C.). Its compact size makes it a great choice for above-ceiling installations and for locations with ingress constraints. It is also ideal for meeting low CFM requirements on large projects where multiple custom Temtrol air handlers are employed to condition the space. Exterior configurations are available with a standard, center-pitched roof.

Rugged ITF Frame offers complete flexibility in unit arrangements, with a complete, welded internal steel base. A true “double bottom” construction with closed-cell sprayed foam in the base structure ensures airtight and watertight performance.

Air-Tight Unit Casing consists of 2-inch, double-wall, die-formed panels filled with fiberglass (R8.5) or foam-injected polyurethane (R13) insulation with a thermal break as standard. Closed-cell neoprene gaskets are used around the entire periphery with1/4-inch gasketed fasteners to yield airtight performance.

AHRI Certified™ Coils are available in 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch tube OD sizes and tested to AHRI Standard 410 certification.

Quiet, Energy Efficient operation with available FANWALL® system features for air handlers which can result in reduced energy costs.